Do You Love Beauty? Make it Into a Career!

When we were children people would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Usually, a reply would involve something like, “a princess” or “a magician”. Now that we are older, wouldn’t you agree that you just want to be happy? A career in something that you are passionate about is a good place to find happiness. If you’re anything like us, then beauty is where your passion falls. But how can you take something like beauty and make it into a potential fulfilling career? We’re here to help! Continue reading

Our Fav Summer Beauty Trends of 2018!

When you go online you tend to be drowned in what’s hot and what’s not. It be can a little overwhelming trying to figure out what beauty trends to try out and which ones work best for you. We are here to be your older sibling and to show you some of our favorite beauty trends that have come to light this year! Take a seat, and take some notes! Continue reading

5 Updos to Rock This Summer

Summer is here and the days are warming up. Soon enough we’ll be in the hot days of the year and we all know how brutal that can be, especially if you are dealing with a full head of hair. Use the hot days as a good excuse to practice and rock the updos you’ve always wanted to try. Get your hair out of the way but with style. We have collected five of our favorite looks. These looks could be something new to your or something you’ve been doing for years, but with an extra dash of excitement. No matter, the point is these looks are simple and anyone can rock them for the summer! Continue reading

5 Movies That Give Us Prom Inspiration!

Prom is a night that is supposed to be magical, wonderful, and memorable. While life may not be quite like the movies, it doesn’t stop us from having a great time! At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Cleveland, we love this time of year, from the hair to the makeup, to all of our favorite prom movies! To help you get in the spirit we’ve compiled a list of movies that have our favorite prom scenes and awesome cosmetology inspiration. Continue reading

The Top Five Jobs For Cosmetologists

You have often dreamed of being a cosmetologist. It all started years ago when you spent hours trying to master that perfect dye job on your BFF and years before that when you cut yourself bangs, much to the chagrin of your mother.

While your journey toward your dream may not have been the cleanest cut, you know that it is what you want to do. You can feel it in your bones. No matter where you are in your journey toward reaching your dreams, chances are that you have thought about what careers could await you once you have finished your education. Continue reading

Meet Andy Bodine, the Owner of Elevate Salon Institute Cleveland

Andy Bodine, the owner of Elevate Salon Institutes(ESI), Cleveland, is a powerhouse in the beauty industry, having first stepped into its creative world right out of high school.

That early start has served him well, as he has made huge waves both in his career and in the industry as a whole. Having devoted much of his passions into his work as platform artist and educator for several different brands, he moved into the world of beauty schools in 2012 when he purchased Vanity School of Cosmetology.

As Vanity School of Cosmetology becomes Elevate Salon Institute, Cleveland we would like to introduce you to our amazing owner and all of the amazing things he has done over the years. Continue reading

Haunted Cleveland! Are You Brave Enough?

With Halloween only a few short weeks away, time is running out to get all of your haunted activities in!

If you love to be scared, or simply just love to seek after the supernatural, there are some amazing places in Cleveland, Ohio that you need to visit!

With a history that dates all the way back to 1779, and many buildings still standing and thriving since that time, Cleveland has long been thought as one of the most haunted spots in the United States. Continue reading

Elevate Salon Institute a L’Oreal Professionnel Beauty School

Elevate Salon Institute is excited to announce that we have joined with L’Oreal Professionnel. We have adopted L’Oreal standards of education and are becoming an integral part of an upward push in Education to ELEVATE or enhance Cosmetology Education. Part of our mission is to provide better trained, motivated salon ready- entry level professionals to the job market.