Our Fav Summer Beauty Trends of 2018!

When you go online you tend to be drowned in what’s hot and what’s not. It be can a little overwhelming trying to figure out what beauty trends to try out and which ones work best for you. We are here to be your older sibling and to show you some of our favorite beauty trends that have come to light this year! Take a seat, and take some notes!

Bear Your Bare Face

This year we are bearing it all. Well, when it comes to our face that is. This has to be our number one favorite trend because it embraces our natural beauty. This is something that is always in style! Be sure to be up to date with your skin care routine and to load up on sunscreen before you go out to enjoy the sun. Taking the time to care for your skin will not only help you long-term but can create a gorgeous healthy face for you to rock naturally!

Add Some Color!

Going from a bare face to a little splash of color is easier and more effective than you might think! Starting with a clean face that is well moisturized, pick one focal point of your face that you want to brighten with color. That could be your eyes, cheeks, or your lips. If you want to bring some attention to your eyes, pick an eyeshadow color that will really make your eyes pop and skip on the mascara. If cheeks are your pick, find a subtle but strong color to flush out your face. As for lips, go crazy and make them bold!

Don’t Forget the Gloss

Remember the late ‘90s and the early 2000s? Remember your collection of lip gloss? It’s time to resurrect that collection because the gloss is back in style baby! 2018 is the year of surprises and leaving your comfort zone. While we want to see your lips shine from a mile away, that’s not the only place you can gloss up. After applying eyeshadow, seal it with your favorite gloss. You can also skip the shadow and apply the gloss on your bare lids. This will had a cool glass effect on your natural skin. So pretty and cool!

Slick It Back

You probably have seen this hairstyle on so many celebrities. The slick back pony is a classic that keeps popping up on both the red carpet and the workspace. It’s a gorgeous look that’s easy enough to do!

Put down the hair dryer! For this look, you will want to start with wet hair. Slick your hair back in a tight ponytail that either hits at the bottom of your head or higher. We suggest using a strong holding gel to keep your hair in place. We love to wear this hairstyle with a bare face and a bold lip. Look out world!

Fringe on Fringe!

This year we want to see fringe! No, we don’t mean leather tassels. We mean bangs! Contact your hairstylist* and see what type of bangs would work well with your face shape. Our favorite bangs right now are messy with some texture. This gives you a more laid-back look and they can be easier to work with!

Learn More!

If you are interested in what other beauty trends you can master, you should consider enrolling in our cosmetology program. Here you can learn more about the art of hair and makeup. Read our blog to see if you are ready to join the beauty industry. Contact us today to schedule a tour and to receive more information.

*{All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}

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